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The Chi Heart & Surgery Center - McLaren Greater Lansing

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The Chi Heart & Surgery Center - McLaren Greater Lansing 401 W. Greenlawn
Lansing, MI 48910
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About Us

Dedicated Inpatient Cardiac Units

Lisa Kammeraad RN
Lisa Kammeraad, RN
4 North

McLaren Greater Lansing's inpatient cardiac unit staff believes in "high-tech, high-touch" cardiac care. Whether it's one-on-one nursing care in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, or telemetry monitoring and rehabilitative care on 4 North or 6 North, staff are specially trained to be attentive and responsive to the unique needs of each heart patient and their family. Consider the "high-tech, high-touch" perspective of personalized care through the words of these cardiac nursing staff -

Margaret Walchak RN
Margaret Walchak, RN
6 North

"We take care of patients who have had open heart surgery, thoracotomies, aneurysms - a lot of high-risk surgery. And the fact that it's high risk is always a big concern to patients and their families. They're afraid it will hurt to breathe after surgery, and we work with them to get them past that fear. Some patients are surprised that we get them up so soon to walk after surgery. We assure them it is okay; teaching is really an important part of what we do, in that we teach patients what their heart can still do.

"It's really the little things, though-making sure they have water at the bedside, things that make them comfortable-that they remember and appreciate the most. Listening to what our patients' concerns are, and letting them talk about it, is often worth more than any pill you could give them. That's what we try to do with every patient."

"Most of the patients we care for are people who come in for chest pain and we're trying to rule out whether they're having a heart attack. Sometimes they'll end up having an interventional procedure-an angioplasty or stent, for example, and we care for them afterwards. There's a lot of teaching involved with our patients. If they've had a heart attack, we'll want to make sure they know about risk factors, prevention, and restrictions they may have. A lot of our patients are with us only for a short stay and are then discharged to go home.

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