BCBSM Clinical Quality Initiative Scorecard | June 2024 | News Flash

June 11, 2024


BCBSM Clinical Quality Initiative Scorecard


BCBSM publishes a monthly Clinical Quality Initiative (CLQI) Scorecard.  This scorecard measures us on 18 metrics, including most of the MPP Top Ten Metrics.  In 2024, we must meet at target of 3.25 points by the end of the year in order to receive revenue to distribute to your practice.  MPP’s current score is 0.89 points

In response to the urgent need to improve, we will be publishing a new Clinical Quality Report by Practice.  Your practice will receive this report monthly from your Quality Team. It is requested that you review the report and develop methods to improve any metric that is below the 90th percentile. 

We will be reviewing this reporting tool at the June 19, 2024, Key Staff Meeting, and then your Quality Team begin delivering to your office.  Please review with your Quality Team, and we can work together to improve the health of our community and improve our overall scores!

The report will look similar to the sample below.  Each metric will be color coded to show >90th to below 25th percentile.  All practices will be listed for transparency in reporting.  The total patient count will be your number of assigned BCBSM Commercial PPO patients.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Dr. Michael Ziccardi, Chief Medical Officer at michael.ziccardi@mclaren.org or Tiffany Francis, Director of Quality at tiffany.francis@mclaren.org