McLaren High Performance Network | July 2021 | Medicare ACO Beneficiary Notification

July 26, 2021

Medicare ACO Beneficiary Notification

 This is to advise you that MHPN will be sending your Medicare ACO (traditional Medicare only) patients a beneficiary notification letter as required the CMS Shared Savings Program. ACOs are required to notify beneficiaries, using the CMS template, of your participation in the Shared Savings Program. The template must be used as written by CMS and may not be modified.
Notification will be done in two ways:
• A written notice. The ACO or its ACO participants must provide a written notification to beneficiaries every year.
• A sign/poster on display at all times in ACO participant facilities where beneficiaries receive primary care services.
The beneficiary notification letters will be mailed to patients this week. We wanted to provide you with the information before these notices go out in the event you receive questions from patients at your office. These letters do not include your practice name or contact information and direct patients to contact Medicare with any questions.
The Beneficiary Notification posters will be distributed to Primary Care Provider offices this Fall.

If you have any questions, please contact Dawn Smith at