McLaren High Performance Network, LLC ACO Update

McLaren’s ACO, the McLaren High Performance Network, LLC. (MHPN), is currently in year 1 of its three-year agreement with CMS. Much of this first year has been spent building the infrastructure and providing education to both the providers and the Medicare beneficiaries participating in the ACO. Athenahealth, our analytics and care coordination software and services product, went live on Monday June 5th, 2017. We are receiving data on utilization, cost expenditure, and other important metrics as well as a care coordination module to help risk stratify our 79,000+ Medicare beneficiaries. This will allow us to begin implementation of our centralized care coordination program designed to assist practices in the care of patients with multiple chronic medical conditions or those with unstable medical conditions like CHF or uncontrolled Diabetes.

MHPN is looking for engaged, high quality and cost-efficient providers in our communities to partner with to further develop our preferred provider network for value-based care delivery.
Benefits of ACO participation include:

  • Providers within the ACO share responsibility for delivering primary preventive services, chronic disease management, and acute care to patients with multiple chronic conditions.
  • A centralized care coordination program including RN care managers, patient navigators and risk stratification software. Services provided include:
    • Chronic medical condition care management.
    • Beneficiary engagement and outreach.
    • Enhanced revenue potential by billing CMS Transitional Care Management (TCM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) codes.
  • Potential shared savings distributions.

For those physicians who would like to consider applying to join our ACO for 2018, there is a deadline of July 31, 2017 for us to add you to our participation list. This deadline is for new Tax Identification Numbers to be added.
Upon receipt of your application MPP will perform a practice evaluation to determine your clinical readiness for value-based care and determine if you meet the MHPN membership criteria.

For an application or more information, contact Kim Hamm, Director of Quality, at or at (248) 484-4930.