McLaren High Performance Network, LLC (MHPN) | 2019 ACO Results

2019 was the third performance year for MHPN in our 3-year Track 1 MSSP (Medicare Shared Savings Program) contract with CMS. Track 1 ACOs have gainsharing opportunity only and no downside risk.

The 2019 results are in: MHPN generated total savings of $37.1 million and received $17.3 million from CMS as our share of those savings. MHPN achieved the 6th highest generated total savings in the nation compared to the other 541 ACOs. Our quality score remains high at 93.35%.

Collectively, in our first 3 years, MHPN has generated over $58M in savings for the MSSP program. CMS is monitoring the performance of ACOs in the program and demonstrating success by generating savings is important for continued participation with CMS (ACO and Bundle Payment contracts).

MHPN to distribute $8.4 million to ACO providers

McLaren High Performance Network, LLC (MHPN) is pleased to announce the release of the provider distribution of the 2019 ACO shared savings to our ACO member providers. The payout will consist of utilizing the Board approved methodologies for Clinical Integration payments based on McLaren Physician Partners (MPP) CI scorecard performance of participating physicians on related metrics, Medicare Beneficiary Attribution and use of 2015 CEHRT. The total distribution amount is $17,316,006 with $8,432,175 distributed to providers.

Summary of MHPN 2019 ACO Payment
   High  Median








Independent PCP and Specialist payments will be made to the current Tax ID on file.

 MMG (employed) PCP and Specialist payments will be forwarded to MMG. MMG will distribute in accordance with the MMG physician compensation model.

 The MSSP ACO contract is our largest value-based contract at McLaren. Fee schedules for many payers are frozen, similarly, CMS has no physician fee schedule increases planned for the foreseeable future in the MIPS program. Value-Based Payments from Value-Based Contracts like these will continue to be the way physicians, hospitals and health systems receive additional revenue going forward.

 For more information or for an application to join MHPN please contact Dr. Michael Ziccardi, CMO at or (248) 484-4923.

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