Michigan Back Collaborative (MIBAC)

July 21, 2021

Michigan Back Collaborative (MIBAC)

Michigan Back Collaborative (MIBAC) is a new statewide BCBSM quality improvement collaborative to improve outcomes for patients with new episodes of low back pain.

MIBAC will focus on improving quality of care for back pain with the primary goals of preventing patients from developing chronic pain, reducing opiate usage, and improving patient outcomes and overall satisfaction with care.

In this collaborative, participants receive training in the care of low back pain, participants contribute data to a clinical registry, review data to identify potential “best practices”, identify factors associated with good outcomes, and organize quality improvement initiatives designed to achieve consistently better outcomes, along with more satisfied patients and clinicians.

MIBAC has three levels of participation.

  • The first level involves participation by Primary Care Physicians and Advance Practice Providers. This involves a structured two-hour on-line training program that is offered at no charge to participants. To qualify for MIBAC, each practice must be enrolled as a contracted provider with BCBSM or be an active participant in the BCBSM PGIP program. The program was developed at Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield in New York with good post-completion ratings. The program is open for participants now. CME credits are available for participation and completing the on-line training.
  • The pilot second level is a commitment to offering patients being seen for a new episode of low back pain a smartphone app and asking patients to use that smart phone app to report pain and functional outcomes data at regular intervals to the MIBAC central registry.
  • The pilot third level is regular input of clinical registry data and participation in collaborative quality improvement activities.

For Primary Care Physicians, the MIBAC online training is open till November 1, 2021. Primary care physicians can register for training through the following link: https://network.mibac.org/pcp-registration.

There are practitioner rewards for completion of level 1 training - $100 per practitioner paid thru the BCBSM 2022 PGIP payment. As the pilot commitment deadline is August 9, 2021, there are pilot participation incentives available for a limited number of spots.

Any further questions about MIBAC, please contact the McLaren Physician Partners MIBAC physician champion, Dr. Cowsill at office 248-484-4925, cell 248-935-6806 or email lawrence.cowsill@mclaren.org.