MPP Website Registration

Earlier this year in March, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of access to communications and delivery of clinically pertinent information, MPP updated our website at to incorporate access to clinical education with individual user profiles for providers.

Providers were asked to create their own user profile, including log-in and password, to get access to the members section of the website. If you have completed this, no further action is needed. If not, please go to to create your user profile. A step-by-step instruction guide is attached to help you navigate through the process.

Benefits of creating your individual profile include:

  1. Enabling you to access and complete required Clinical Integration (CI) scorecard education around your busy schedules.
  2. The ability to claim Continuing Medical Education Credits (CME) after participating in the CI Education Series, as permitted.
  3. Email notification of completion of education and credit for MPP Clinical Integration scorecard and CME credits (where applicable).
  4. MPP can send email reminders of CI education requirements until completed. This requires including your NPI in your profile.
  5. Validate your CI scorecard to ensure maximize payment to you under our clinical integration programs.

If you have any questions, please contact our Medical Leadership Team:

Chief Medical Officer:
Michael A. Ziccardi Jr. D.O.
(248) 484-4923 (Office)

Senior Medical Director:
Lawrence Cowsill D.O.
(248) 935-6806 (Mobile)

Associate Medical Director:
Preston Thomas M.D.
(248) 484-4980 (Office)