MyCare Update and Educational Video | April 2022 | Newsflash

April 26, 2022


MyCare Update and Educational Video

MPP launched its MyCare program one month ago. MyCare is a deviceless remote patient monitoring program, which sends condition-specific text messages or automated phone calls to McLaren patients with COPD, Heart Failure or High-risk Discharge, to support care coordination and monitor their health virtually. There is no charge for this program. MyCare supports McLaren physicians stay connected to patients in-between scheduled appointments by monitoring patient-reported data regarding their symptoms. During our initial implementation, we are not accepting referrals for this program, but will evaluate that option in the future.

Program goals include:

  • Optimizing the patient’s management of chronic conditions
  • Reducing medical costs by reducing ED visits, admissions and re-admissions
  • Scaling care coordination services to engage a larger population

Patient responses are collected and alert the MPP Care Coordination team when a patient responds negatively which allows our care team to intervene before the patient's condition worsens to help manage their health and wellbeing.
In the first 30 days we have:

  • Enrolled 512 patients (COPD: 231; CHF 255; High Risk Discharges: 64)
  • Received 154 patient alerts notifying us of a change in their condition

Patients are more likely to enroll if their provider encourages and supports MyCare. To encourage physician participation, MPP will provide 5 Key Conversation Points on the Clinical Integration scorecard to any physician who watches the introductory video on the MPP website by June 30th.

Click here to watch the MyCare Video

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Phillips at