Tele-Care Coordination is Available for your Patients | June 8, 2021 | Newsflash

June 8, 2021

Tele-Care Coordination is Available for your Patients

“Tele-Care Coordination” services are available to your patients by referral. This service aims to provide more care in the home environment, allowing us to visualize the patient and their surroundings for greater quality of care and easier understanding on both ends.

Using Persivia, our Population Health Software, patients are connected to our licensed Care Coordinators who assist with disease education and management, routine questions, and social determinant of health issues. This attention to detail ensures patients are experiencing the most positive outcome after receiving care from our providers.

Tele-Care Coordination requires the patient to have a SMART device such as IPAD, tablet, or phone. However, if your patient does not have a device or Wi-Fi capabilities, MPP has data-enabled iPads available for patient’s use, free of charge.

Ideal Referrals include:

  • Patients with chronic disease
  • Patients who would benefit from weight, blood pressure, dietary intake, or glucose monitoring
  • Patients with suspected Social Determinant of Health issues

Care Management Referral Form

The Care Coordination referral form has been updated to include “Tele-Care Coordination” as a reason for referral. Please replace all previous versions of this form.

For questions, please contact Andrea Phillips, Director Care Coordination, at: or (248) 484-4947.

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