Volume to Value: How | February 2023 | Clinical Corners

February 15, 2023

 Volume to Value - How


In the last Clinical Corner “Volume to Value – Why?”, dated February 1, 2023, we discussed value-based care. Value increases when costs go down while quality and patient experience improve. (1). Success requires a shift in physician attention and a review of priorities in practice workflow.

Here are important activities to assist in the commitment to value:

  • Physician engagement – no longer is it about participation alone, we need physician engagement – stay patient focused, not payment focused.
  • Focus on performance and cost – take accountability for the cost and coordination of your patient’s care.
  • Use of Evidence-based Guidelines – utilize the right care to support the patient’s healthcare journey.
  • Patient access to care – your focus is service to patients and keeping them healthy, access to physicians, providers and decision makers is an important part of your service.
  • Power of the click and pen – cost and utilization start with your keyboard or pen.
  • Medicine is a team sport – reprioritize to utilize the power of your support team like care management personnel or MPP quality performance specialists.
  • Patient experience matters – in addition to payer weighted measures of patient satisfaction, those patients with better care experiences often have better health outcomes.
  • Utilize EHR and Persivia technology – utilization of quality structured data will assist you in the management of individual patients and populations in your practice.

Value-based care growth continues to accelerate, and operational, clinical, and analytical capabilities will be necessary for successful value-based care physicians. Your goal should be to develop a process to deliver consistent high-quality care across all contracted plans. MPP is prepared to assist and support you in these new performance and outcome-based models of healthcare.



  1. How to Succeed in Value-Based Care, James Dera, MD, FAAFP, Family Practice Management, 2021.