Why Choose McLaren?

MPP received a request for help from one of our members in delivering the message of why it is important to use the McLaren network. Patients are asking why it is beneficial for them to stay within our network. In response, we have created a patient-facing flyer that addresses reasons why patients should stay within the McLaren network. Excerpts from the flyer include the following:

Getting your care from a McLaren provider helps me (your provider) provide you with the best quality care possible.

  • One of the ways I do this is to ensure the coordination of care between all of your doctors, so that each doctor who contributes to your health is informed every time you see them whether it’s for a treatment, medication, or visit to the Emergency Department.
  • Doctors that know each other communicate better. I have developed relationships with the McLaren hospital and specialists in this area; because those relationships already exist, your care can be more efficient and better coordinated.
  • By using the McLaren network, I can ensure that you receive the highest possible quality of care. By choosing to stay in the McLaren network, you can help me provide you with the best care that you deserve.

The full document is available for download through the McLaren Physician Partners’ website, www.mclarenpp.org under the Patient Resources tab; we encourage you to share it with your patients.