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Founded in 1994, McLaren Medical Group (MMG) was created to address the needs of employed providers in the McLaren system, and has continued to provide continuity within the organization as McLaren steadily grows throughout the state. Today, the MMG provider network includes over 450 providers who provide expert patient care at 155 office sites. MMG is comprised of regional based leadership with 12 Operations Directors and 57 Practice Managers supporting daily operations.

Physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are supported by numerous MMG professional departments focused on quality, safety and patient engagement. Those services include: Human Resources, Insurance Credentialing, Contract Management, Quality, Education, Finance, Patient Experience, Marketing/ Public Relations, and Provider Recruitment. These MMG departments are experienced to address the unique needs and challenges of an ambulatory provider network.

The leadership model within MMG ensures physician participation in all levels of executive decisions. The MMG leadership team has expanded to include 3 Assistant Chief Medical Officers along with the Regional Medical Directors. These leaders impact daily practice management and serve as system advisors.

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