Heart health at every age

Maintaining a healthy heart is a lifelong responsibility starting at an early age.

With life expectancy in the United States comfortably showing the vast majority of people reaching their seventh decade, this means the average person’s heart will beat more than two billion times.

At the same time, statistics also show that the heart (mainly though heart disease and heart attacks) is the leading cause of death.

This risk, though, can reduced, and many heart diseases can be prevented with certain behaviors and changed some lifestyle choices.

Ideally, this would be maintaining a healthy diet, not smoking, controlling cholesterol and blood pressure and not leaving chronic conditions, such as diabetes, untreated.

These are lifestyle choices that are not exclusive to one particular age group though — it can easily be applied to anyone at any age. Kids and younger age groups can increase their chances of a heart-healthy adulthood by creating good, heart healthy habits in their formative years. It can also help older generations optimize their current heart health.

Heart health at every age