Lake Orion Nursing and Rehabilitation


Prior to admissions, we must receive the following:

  1. A completed admissions application for Lake Orion Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.
  2. A copy of all insurance cards including prescription cards. If a resident is not a US citizen, we will need a copy of their green card.
  3. A copy of their driver’s license or a state identification card.
  4. A copy of any legal power of attorney or guardian ship papers (if applicable).

The Resident and the designated legal representative MUST be available upon admissions to sign admission paperwork and Advanced Directive Decisions.

On the day of admission, you will need to bring:

  • One week’s worth of clothing that can be washed. All clothing will go to the laundry department to be labeled with name tags that Lake Orion Nursing and Rehabilitation Center supplies. These labels are permanent so if you do not want them labeled, you will need to care for your own laundry.
  • Residents may bring in their own cell phones or call ATT and set up service with them at their own expense. The information for ATT is located at the receptionist desk. You will need to know the residents room number and the address to this facility.

If resident is coming from HOME, we must receive these additional items:

  1. A medical summary letter from the patient’s doctor, physical exam dated no earlier than 5 days prior to admissions, required by state law.
  2. A nursing home pre-admissions mental illness/mental retardation identification screening form completed by the residents doctor. This is also known as a 77 and 78.
  3. A radiologist chest x-ray report, which was obtained within 90 days of admissions.
  4. A list of all current medications the resident is taking.
  5. The start date of any antibiotics that the resident is currently receiving.
  6. Signed physician’s orders for medications and treatments.