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Why Give a Gift?

Philanthropy has truly transformed programs and services at McLaren Greater Lansing. Because of our generous supporters, we have been able to provide hope, comfort and world-class care for our patients and their families.

Every gift to McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation is important in helping us achieve the hospital's mission of being the best value in healthcare as defined by quality outcomes and cost.

Whatever your interest in supporting McLaren, there is a way to make a difference now and in the future.

Making a Gift to McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation means making an investment in one of the finest healthcare institutions in the region. Gifts to the Foundation support McLaren Greater Lansing, a regional leader in developing innovative, patient-focused educational tools and clinical research, all while delivering the highest quality services centered on the patient care experience.

Making a Gift means investing in a healthcare network that continues to exceed expectations in anticipating and meeting patient care needs at every step of a patient's health care journey.

Making a Gift means investing in an institution that historically has been "ahead of the medical curve" in many fields, such as cardiac care, orthopedics, respiratory services, and cancer treatment.

Donors Give for Several Reasons: 

  • Because McLaren Greater Lansing, through its services, has "touched them or family members personally" in restoring health, dignity and quality of life
  • To see McLaren Greater Lansing expand and realize its growth potential as a leading healthcare center in the region, state and nationally
  • Because they want to share their good fortune with others and it's the right thing to do  

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