McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation
Donor Recognition

Donor Recognition

Donor clubs and societies have been established within McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation in appreciation of our donor's commitment. You are cordially invited to become a member of one of these distinguished groups by making a charitable contribution to the Foundation.  Whatever the size of your gift, or whatever method you choose to make your gift, you can make a significant difference.

Annual Giving Clubs

Annual Giving is the cornerstone of McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation's philanthropic support. Your membership in one of our Annual Giving Clubs is an important investment in the health of your community, your neighbors, your family and yourself. We invite you to renew or establish your commitment to the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation by joining one of our Annual Giving Clubs and making a yearly gift.  THE CORNERSTONE CLUB: $100 -- $499 ANNUAL GIFT

Giving Societies

Membership in the giving societies assists McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation and McLaren Greater Lansing in enhancing their mission of being the best value in healthcare as defined by quality outcomes and cost.

SIGNET SOCIETY: $10,000 - $24,999

During the time of the Renaissance, the Signet ring was a symbol of endorsement and a mark of distinction. As a member of the Signet Society, you lend your own mark of distinction to McLaren Greater Lansing. Through the Signet Society's generosity of spirit and deed, McLaren Greater Lansing has emerged as a leader in medical advancement and innovation. 

MCLAUGHLIN SOCIETY: $25,000 - $49,999

The McLaughlin Society is named after Mr. & Mrs. C.J. McLaughlin, the parents of Dr. Harriet Jarret. In 1941, Dr. Jarret and her physician husband, Lawrence, purchased a home on the corner of Townsend and St. Joseph Street from automotive tycoon and noted industrialist R E Olds. They turned their home into a medical facility that became known as the place people would come to have babies and to be treated for ailments and injuries. In 1942, the hospital was dedicated as McLaughlin Osteopathic Hospital, later to become Lansing General Hospital, and now McLaren Orthopedic Hospital. 

MCREE SOCIETY: $50,000 - $99,999

The McRee Society is named after Edward B. McRee, who served with distinction as our hospital's first president and CEO from 1961-1995. Mr. McRee is revered by many in the community and is credited with guiding the hospital through the early steps toward cardiac excellence. So much of McLaren Greater Lansing bears Ed McRee's mark. Because of his legacy, the McRee House, McLaren Greater Lansing's home away from home for our patient's families, would bear his name. 

BELEN SOCIETY: $100,000 - $249,999

The Belen Society is named after Miss Lucile Belen, a well-respected Lansing businesswoman, educator, fundraiser, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Miss Belen was a longtime hospital supporter and the first recipient of the Community Healthcare Leadership Award. In 1981, the hospital initiated an annual employee award for managers or supervisors and named it the Belen Award for Excellence in Management. As a further tribute, an outpatient pavilion at McLaren Greater Lansing was named the Belen Pavilion for her 23 years of leadership on the hospital's Board of Trustees.

BRESLIN SOCIETY: $250,000 - $499,999

The Breslin Society is named after Jack Breslin, a much loved and respected member of the Lansing community. Jack was a star athlete for Michigan State University and served as interim president of MSU. He served as both Chairman of the Board of Trustees the  first Development Council, beginning the tradition of philanthropy for the hospital. In recognition of his dedicated service, Mr. Breslin was awarded the Community Healthcare Leadership Award. 

ANDERSON SOCIETY: $500,000 - $999,999

The Anderson Society is named after R E Olds Anderson, a man who demonstrated the highest ideals of volunteerism and philanthropy. Olds Anderson was deeply committed to the health and well being of mid-Michigan residents. For 15 years, he served tirelessly in several capacities at the hospital, including Chairman of the Foundation Board, Chairman of the Development Council, Chairman of the Major Gifts Committee as well as a Trustee for the Hospital Board. In his honor and memory, McLaren Greater Lansing's R E Olds Anderson Cardiac Rehabilitation Center bears his name. The center helps patients achieve and maintain cardiac fitness through a program of exercise and education. 

GRAND SOCIETY: $1,000,000 or more

The Grand Society recognizes the generosity of donors who make a commitment of $1 million or more, or a documented planned gift of at least $1.5 million to McLaren Greater Lansing Healthcare Foundation. McLaren Greater Lansing's relationship with each donor is revered and our goal is to maintain an association that reflects our appreciation and gratitude. In addition to financial contributions, the knowledge and experience of donors at this level are highly valued.

Donor Benefits

Donors are accorded the appropriate level of recognition with deep appreciation of the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation family. The following outlines some of the benefits received by donors in our giving societies and annual giving clubs.

  • Acknowledgement letter sent to the donor
  • Acknowledgement of support in the Foundation's annual report, newsletter and website
  • Invitations to select Foundation events
  • Information and mailings about the Foundation
  • Planned Giving (The Heritage Circle)

    The Heritage Circle recognizes and honors individuals and families who, through their estate plans, have established a planned gift benefiting McLaren Greater Lansing. Through a planned gift, donors can experience the satisfaction of incorporating their own values, goals and visions with the hospital's future. These forward-thinking individuals are partners with us in planning for the future of health care in mid-Michigan. A Heritage Circle commitment provides McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation with the vital resources needed to fulfill our mission for future generations.

    All donors who provide McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation with a signed Statement of Support indicating their future planned gift, are eligible for recognition in the Heritage Circle. Your planned gift may also qualify you for recognition in one of the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation's donor societies.

    Society Members

    Grand Society

    Dr. and Mrs. Seong H. Chi

    McLaren Greater Lansing Volunteers

    Anderson Society

    Auto-Owners Insurance

    Salvatore J. and Marcella M. Durso

    The Christman Company

    Breslin Society

    R E Olds and Doris Anderson

    Dr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Fabaz

    Ed and Jo Fredericks

    The Dart Foundation

    Jan and Dick Wendorf

    Belen Society

    Lucile E. Belen

    FirstMerit Bank

    Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hourani

    D. L. Kesler and Sons

    Geoff and Kay Linz

    Jane McFadden

    McLaren Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons

    McLaren Greater Lansing Professional Staff

    Shirley K. Pasant

    PNC Bank

    St. Jude Medical

    McRee Society

    Accident Fund Holdings, Inc.

    Jill and Thomas J. Archambeau, MD

    E. James and Diane L. Barrett

    Capital Area Anesthesia, P.C.

    Capital Area United Way, Inc.

    Charles J. Clark

    Delta Dental Plan of Michigan

    Robert and Eileen Emerson

    Fraser Trebilcock Davis & Dunlap, PC

    Fraternal Order of Eagles Lansing Aerie No. 1039

    Thomas E. and Lynne M. Hoffmeyer

    Richard and Tracy Johnson

    Michael Kowalczyk

    Denny and Marta Litos

    Michigan State University Federal Credit Union

    David and Karen Noe

    Option 1 Credit Union


    Jim and Robin Richard

    Steve and Melinda Roznowski

    Jay and Ruth Strohl

    Thoracic & Cardiovascular Institute

    Thoracic Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation

    Dr. Jerrold M. Weiss and Sue A. Weiss

    Everett and Rosenele Zack

    McLaughlin Society

    Art Craft Display, Inc.

    Bank of America

    Becky Beauchine Kulka Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

    Everett and Juanita Beemer

    Bella Care, LLC

    Blue Care Network of Michigan

    Bruce B. Bragg

    Neil C. Caliman, M.D. and Monica J. Stafford, D.D.S.

    Capital Area Pathologists Group

    Capital Internal Medicine Associates, P.C.

    Capitol Area Harley Owners Group #2280

    Dr. and Mrs. Mark Cimmerer

    Dr. and Mrs. Joel Cohn

    Coldwell Banker Hubbell BriarWood

    Alonso and Stefeni Collar and Family

    Dean Transportation, Inc.

    Dr. Barry and Jill Dehlin

    Dr. Andrew and Barbara Duda

    Mr. and Mrs. David Eich

    Sam and Judith Eyde

    Dr. and Mrs. John G. Fata

    Parveen and Mehboob Fatteh

    Dr. Divyakant and Maria Gandhi

    General Motors Lansing Operations

    Dr. C. Mohan Gera and Dr. Renuka Gera

    Mr. and Mrs. Alton L. Granger

    Gordon and Mary Guyer

    Bob and Connie Heintz

    Don and Jan Hines

    Mr. Tom Hoisington and The Honorable Louise Alderson

    Theresa and Robert Hubbell

    Michael and Wendy W. James

    Jim and Jennifer Jensen

    Dr. and Mrs. John Paul Jones

    Dr. Gauresh Kashyap and Dr. Suman Kashyap

    Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook

    Charles and Terry Lasky

    Dr. and Mrs. Wilhelm T. Lawrence

    Dr. Gary F. and Ann D. Leago

    Darrell and Susan Lindman

    Patricia M. and Charles T. Lowrie

    Dr. Michael and Cindy A. Maser

    McLaren Health Plan


    Dr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Mesko

    Michigan Building & Construction Trades Council

    Michigan State University Federal Credit Union

    MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine

    Dr. and Mrs. Brian Olsen

    Dr. Hasmukh Patel

    Payne, Broder & Fossee, P.C.

    Plante & Moran, LLP


    Dr. Marsha Rappley

    Joe and Jerry Reid

    Dr. and Mrs. Earl Reisdorff

    Gary L. Roth, DO

    Patrick and Karen Salow

    Dr. Les and Mary Lou Searls

    Dr. Sid M. Shah

    Denise and Ralph Shaheen

    Dr. and Mrs. David Shneider

    Donald and Helene Simon

    Bernice Olds Roe Smith

    Dr. Charles J. Taunt and Mrs. Katherine Taunt

    The Centennial Group

    Townsquare Media

    Joe and Rita Wilhelm

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff S. Williams

    Robert N. and Rachelle D. Wright

    Signet Society

    Mrs. Patricia Abood

    Advanced Radiology Services, P.C.

    American Physicians Capital

    Anthelio Healthcare Solutions

    Phillip and Nancy Badra

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Barnes

    Dr. Charles A. and Zoe M. Bassos

    Joan Bauer and Doug Langham

    Mr. and Mrs. Noel L. Bergeron

    Dr. and Mrs. Bert M. Bez

    Dr. and Mrs. Joel L. Bez

    Dr. Bernard and Joan Billman

    Mrs. Lola Blair

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

    David J. and Diane Albrycht Boes

    Renee S. Breslin

    Suzanne E. Brownell

    Gary and Bonnie Brya

    Jean and M. Arthur Budden, MD

    Capitol Bancorp LTD.

    Capitol National Bank

    Diane and James F. Carr, Jr.

    Mr. George Casey

    Mark D. Castellani, MD and Lisa S. Hildorf

    Dr. Kevin T. Cavanagh and Dr. Jeanne M. Kapenga

    Jerry J. Chandler and Kari Chandler, RN

    Dr. and Mrs. Suk J. Chang

    Client Financial Services Of Michigan

    Dr. James S. Close and Constance R. Close

    Geneva Conrad

    Mary I. Cooper


    Ronald Cosson

    Mr. and Mrs. David Courey

    Paula and Darius Cunningham

    Dr. R.G. Curtiss

    Dasak Inc.

    Dr. and Mrs. Dana J. Duren

    Eaton Rapids Medical Center

    Dr. Kenneth and Georgia M. Elmassian, MA RN

    Nancy A. Elwood

    F. D. Hayes Electric Company

    Fifth Third Bank

    H. James and Carol Fitzgerald

    Flagstar Bank

    John H. and Eugenie Flewelling

    Jan and Joe Foster

    Ernest C. Fox

    Steven and Elizabeth Frederickson

    Ms. Anita Scheumann Frohnapfel

    Fund Evaluation Group

    Amit Ghose M.D.

    Jerry and Lynne Granger

    Ron and Donna Granger

    Mrs. Ruth Greenbaum

    Ronald A. and Mary K. Guggemos

    Mrs. Patricia Guyselman

    Ted and Jo Hacker

    Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Haley

    Dr. and Mrs. Mark W. Harrold

    HBE Corporation

    Lee and Barbara Hladki

    Bill and Julie Howe

    Faris A. and Carlene J. Howrani

    Randy and Edith Hughes

    Dr. Dan L. Hunt and Dr. Mary D. Hunt

    Mary Ann and Dennis Jenkins

    John and Elizabeth Whiteley Foundation

    Lewis D. Johns

    Dr. and Mrs. Jia Y. Jung

    Karlsberger  Architects, Inc.

    Karmanos Cancer Institute

    Katranji Hand Center

    King Venture

    Bruce and Shirley Klunzinger

    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Kozlowski

    Gregory and Debra Landis

    Lansing Board of Water & Light

    Claude and Deborah Leblanc

    Stephen and Iris Linder

    Charles O. and Eleanor Fabian Long

    Lunch With A Purpose

    Mohan and Soumya Madala

    Marsha Milburn Madigan, M.D. and William Madigan

    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Maguire, Jr.

    MAXCO Inc.

    Edward and Jan McRee

    Mr. and Mrs. David McSherry

    Dr. Daryl and Shelley Melvin

    Memorial Healthcare

    Meridian Primary Care

    Greg and Traci Messenger

    Dr. David and M. Lynn Michael

    Michigan Eye Care Specialists

    Michigan Health & Hospital Association

    Michigan Orthopedic Center

    Dr. Gregory N. Mitchinson

    David E. Mohnke

    Patricia K. Munshaw

    Gloria P. Murchison

    Dr. David R. Neff

    Newscenter 6 - WLNS-TV

    Dr. Barnabas and Marie Newton

    Mr. Kris Nicholoff

    North Grand River Cooperative, Inc.

    Dorothy and Emerson Ohl

    Okemos Auto Collection

    Owen Healthcare, Inc.

    Owens & Minor Distribution, Inc.

    Dr. William Page-Echols and Dr. Wendy Page-Echols

    John M. Patterson

    Thomas and Cynthy Payne

    Dennis J. Perry, M.D. and Debra L. Perry

    Leonard and Marilyn Peters

    Gabriella and Parker Petroff

    Dorothy and John Petroff


    Public Affairs Associates, Inc.

    Public Sector Consultants

    Dr. Les Puretz, D.O.

    Radiation Oncology Alliance

    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Radke

    Paula and Don Reichle

    Frank and Patricia Stewart Reynolds

    Armin Sage Roe

    Woodward and Charlotte Roe

    Craig and Janice Ruff

    Sam Eyde Construction

    Mary and James Savage

    Barbara Sawyer-Koch and Donald Koch

    Martha Seaman

    Mr. and Mrs. James Setas

    Dr. and Mrs. Aajay Shah

    Shaheen Chevrolet, Inc.

    Loretta A. Shaver

    Dr. Carol Miskell Simmons and Mr. Eric Simmons

    Dr. and Mrs. Daryl L. Smith

    Dr. and Mrs. A.J. Spagnuolo

    Dr. Marshall Spencer

    Stan Setas' Produce Company LLC

    Archie and Peg Tarpoff

    Spiro N. and Sophia Tesseris

    The Eyde Company

    Bruce and Diane Thomas

    Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Tubben

    Two Men And A Truck

    Dr. Gregory and Joan Uitvlugt

    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. VandenHaute

    Dr. William and Carol Weatherhead

    Richard and Kathleen Weller

    Soon Whan Oh-Kim and Family

    Stephen M. Wickens

    Daniel Williams, MD

    Williams AutoWorld

    Christine W. Willis

    Natalie and Robert R. Zoeller

    Lyn D. Zynda

    Annual Clubs

    Tower Club ($1,000 +)

    Mrs. Patricia DeRose

    Dr. Suzanne M. Hanses

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Harrold

    Dr. Thuan Le

    Mr. Craig Pell

    Dr. Crispin Quitos

    Dale Thompson, Jr.

    Gerald and Constance Williams

    Keystone Club ($500 to $999)

    Mr. and Mrs. James and Katelyn Curtis

    Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Dietzel

    I.B.E.W. Local Union No. 665

    Ms. Mary Ann Johnson

    Karmanos Cancer Institute

    Dr. and Mrs. Narendra R. Patel

    Dr. Herbert Ross

    Sarah L. Spradlin

    Debra Sutter

    Dr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Wellemeyer

    Cornerstone Club ($100 to $499)

    Patricia Ann Abent

    Mr. J. Douglas Alexander

    Ms. Judith Barry

    Mr. Mark Bauer

    Ms. Christene Blower

    Mr. Jonathan Boland

    Ryan & Mollie Bort

    Alexander and Peggy Brown

    Mrs. Mary J. Brown, R.N.

    Laura & Daniel Burk

    Mr. Christopher Chan

    Mrs. Lynne Chan

    Sharon Conti

    Ms. Stacy Cook

    Ms. Kimberly Cronin

    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Deaton

    Ms. Lesa A. DeBoer

    Mrs. Darrell F. Duffield

    Joel D. Eisenberg, M.D.

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Fenech

    Ms. Joy Finazzo

    Dr. Christopher Foucher

    Mr. and Mrs. James B. Fry

    Ms. Kimberly Garrison

    Dr. Eric A. Goebel

    Sherman Gorbis, DO, FAAO and Lori Gorbis, R.N.

    Ms. Shawne Haddad

    Mr. and Mrs. R. Jon Harpst

    Mrs. Sylvia Hedin

    Mr. Stephen L. Hicks

    Sydney Hook

    Shelly Houston

    Mr. and Mrs. John J. Jacobowitz

    Ms. Kieran Keenan

    Donna and James Kleiver

    Mrs. Kristine Kuhnert

    Lansing Sanitary Supply, Inc.

    David and Tina Laurent

    Mrs. Cynthia A. Lewis, R.N.

    Ms. Amy Martin

    Dr. and Mrs. James E. McGillicuddy

    Ms. Jackie Miller

    Ms. Rosalie Mley

    Melissa Nickols

    Ms. Tyria Norris

    Ms. Kathleen Opperwall

    Mr. Joseph Perrone

    Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Peters

    Mr. Mike Pruitt

    Mrs. Amy Quinn

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Reeds

    Ms. Jennifer Reizen

    Mr. Mark Renfer

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riley

    Dr. Thomas Rodziewicz

    Mrs. Helen Roffle

    Cheryl Rozeboom

    Ms. Angelia Salas

    Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Salazar

    Richard and Gretchen Scala

    Ms. Johanna Shea

    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stevenson

    Mr. and Mrs. Travis Sybrowsky

    Mr. Kurt Temple

    Mrs. Angela T. Tisdale

    Mr. Gray Tuttle

    Ms. Anne Ugval

    Loyd Ulrey

    Sue Vollmar