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Patient Stories & Testimonials - McLaren Greater Lansing

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McLaren Greater Lansing Orthopedic Hospital Testimonials

When faced with grueling, daily hip pain, Jan Lynch became her own health advocate. As the house mother of Sigma Kappa Sorority and competetive distance walker...

Two Husbands Devastated by Wives Cancer

It was over a period of two weeks – a mammogram and a biopsy -- that C.S. and his wife learned she had breast cancer.

Rehab Patient Testimonials

We take the satisfaction of our patients very seriously. We value and appreciate their feedback and can only improve when we have clearly defined our weaknesses.

Sister Dorita’s pulmonary function tests showed lungs operating at under capacity

Being the Superintendent of Schools for the Lansing Diocese doesn’t leave much free time for Sister Dorita Wotiska. She was forced to put her own health concerns on a back burner...