98-year old man chose to receive cancer treatment at this Lansing hospital

Last year, Lansing’s Arthur Roat learned he had stomach cancer. It’s a diagnosis that can be one of the most frightening things a person can ever face, and at the age of 98, some people may have decided that chemotherapy would be just too much to handle.

Roat decided to fight, and just like his time serving in the Army Signal Corps during World War II, he won the battle.

“I went in for something else, and doctors took x-rays and found the spot,” said Roat. “When I learned it was stomach cancer, I couldn’t believe it.”

What Roat did believe is that the team of cancer specialists at the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Greater Lansing would help him beat the cancer. “I kept going for chemotherapy every week,” said Roat. “I didn’t have any effects or feel sick from the treatments at all.”

Roat says his family was totally on board with his decision to get treatment, despite the risk for side effects. He’s glad he did. “Everyone at McLaren was very nice to me,” said Roat. “They really took care of me, and when I was all done with treatment, they let me ring the survivor’s bell, which felt great.”

Today, Roat says he feels great, and keeps up an active lifestyle, keeping up with his family, driving to the grocery store and swimming at the YMCA.

If someone else were facing a similar cancer diagnosis, Roat says he would tell them to get treatment as quickly as possible if they’re given the option. “Go for it,” said Roat. “You’re cutting your life short if you don’t have it done.”

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