Weight Loss Surgery Program Overview

How to lose weight fast. Maybe a search for that phrase brought you here. Weight loss surgery isn't a simple quick fix solution to losing weight. However, it is a legitimate fact that individuals that fall into the obese weight classification are at higher risk of developing many serious, life-limiting diseases, including diabetes.

McLaren locations in Michigan offer several bariatric procedures available to treat obesity, including the most successful at resolving type 2 diabetes because of the metabolic change that occurs as a result of the procedure. Yes, we now know that weight loss surgery can help to decrease the incidence of diabetes. As many as 90% of patients have had improved glucose control following bariatric surgery, according to a recent national study.

Specially Trained Medical Specialists to Help You Lose Weight

We have a team of specially trained bariatric specialists ready to assist people in their journey to lose weight and to realize a more active, healthy life. Since its inception, McLaren's surgical weight loss program has helped people with their weight loss and health goals through medical management, bariatric surgery, nutritional counseling and bariatric support groups. The full continuum of care provided increases the likelihood of long-term weight loss success and improved quality of life following surgery.

Our Comprehensive Bariatric Surgical Program Includes:

  • Complete Medical Evaluation
  • Surgical Consultation
  • Psychological and Nutritional Counseling
  • Complete Pre and Post Operative Care
  • Support Groups
  • Fully Monitored and Specially Equipped Unit for Inpatient Care

Are You A Candidate For Weight Loss Surgery?

  • Are you 100 pounds or more above your ideal body weight and want to lose weight?
  • Do you have a BMI of 40 or greater? - Calculate your BMI
  • Do you have a BMI of 35 or greater with one or more obesity-related health condition(s)?
  • Have other forms of weight control failed?
  • Are you over 18 years of age?
  • Are you well informed about the potential procedure and risks?

If so, you may be a candidate for weight loss surgery. Together, you and your McLaren bariatric surgeon will take steps to determine:

  • If surgery is the right treatment for you
  • Which type of procedure is right for you
  • If you are mentally and emotionally prepared to make lifelong lifestyle changes

Expect the prequalification process to include a series of tests. You will also meet with a nutritionist, psychologist, and other support staff members in sessions leading up to surgery. McLaren will help you prepare for the changes and challenges that lie ahead.

If you believe bariatric surgery would improve your health and well-being, find a location near you to begin a conversation and start the pre-qualification process.

Find Out If Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Is Right For You

How Bariatric Surgery Works

There are two basic ways that bariatric surgery works to help patients lose weight and improve or resolve co-morbidities: One way is malabsorption and the other is restriction. The most common bariatric surgery performed today, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, uses both.

1. Restrictive procedures limit food intake:

Procedures that use restriction limit the amount of food patients can eat. This is accomplished surgically by creating a small stomach pouch. When eating, the pouch fills quickly and gives a feeling of fullness much sooner. Because patients feel satisfied and full sooner, they eat less.

2. Malabsorptive procedures alter digestion:

Procedures that use malabsorption change the body's ability to absorb calories and nutrients from food. The surgeon changes the way food travels through the patient's system. By rerouting food past a large part of the stomach and a portion of the small intestine, much of the calories and nutrients pass through without being absorbed.

Both methods work to help patients lose excess weight, lower their BMI, and transform their health by resolving or improving co-morbidities. Bariatric surgery has many benefits that can lead to a healthier, higher quality of life, but also has certain risks.


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