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Send a Greeting to a McLaren Greater Lansing Patient

If you would like to send a Patient Greeting Card to a loved one or a friend who is a patient at McLaren Greater Lansing or McLaren Orthopedic Hospital, fill out the form below and click on ""Send."" A volunteer will print the card and deliver it.

Cards will be delivered within 24 hours of receipt (Monday thru Friday 8:00a.m. - 4:30p.m. only). If the patient has been discharged or if the card contains private medical information or other potentially embarrassing/personal information, we will delete it. Weekend cards will be delivered the following Monday.

This Patient Greeting Email is set up only to receive patient e-mail. Patients are unable to send outgoing replies.

This is a secured page. All messages received are handled confidentially. In order to distribute the Patient Greeting Card a patient must agree to be listed on the Hospital Census when being admitted.

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