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McLaren Greater Lansing is a tertiary teaching facility with 240 acute care beds, located in Lansing, Michigan on the southern edge of the Michigan State University campus. Among its services are a Level III Trauma Center/Emergency Department, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute, comprehensive cardiac programs, medical/surgical units, and state-of-the-art women and children’s health services including a modern birthing center. Also located at the healthcare campus is the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Greater Lansing and Outpatient Care Center.

Residency programs are affiliated with Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, and the Statewide Campus System. Residencies include family medicine, internal medicine, orthopedic surgery, general surgery, anesthesiology, and obstetrics/gynecology. Fellowships are offered in cardiology, hematology/oncology, gastroenterology, and pulmonary critical care. McLaren Greater Lansing also participates in a city wide residency programs in emergency medicine, neurology, urology, psychiatry, and physical and rehabilitation medicine.

Our Mission:

McLaren Health Care will be the best value in health care as defined by quality outcomes and cost.

Our Vision:

McLaren will be the recognized leader and preferred provider of health care services to the communities we serve.


McLaren Greater Lansing began delivering health care to mid-Michigan residents in 1913. Our accomplishments testify to our experience: 

  • In our earliest days, mothers came to McLaren Greater Lansing to give birth. Today, we deliver more than 1,200 newborns annually with the help of the latest technology including wireless monitors and new pain relief methods including nitrous oxide.
  • Dr. Seong Chi and his heart team performed the first open heart surgery in 1965. Today, we still do open heart surgery, but we’ve excelled in minimally-invasive placement of balloon angioplasties and stents, coronary brachytherapy and endovascular surgery.
  • The first arthroscopic knee replacement surgery was done by Dr. Lanny Johnson in the early 70s. Today, we’re ranked among the top 5% nationally for total joint replacement.
  • McLaren Greater Lansing , through its McLaren affiliation, is part of the Karmanos Cancer Institute. Now, we can take greater advantage of combined clinical skills and research trials to offer patients a wide array of treatments used in nationally renowned cancer treatment centers. Our precision, computer-driven technology directs cancer-destroying x-ray beams to the tumor site, minimizing injury to healthy surrounding tissues.

Think McLaren-Greater Lansing. Think Innovation. We’ve received accolades in cardiology and orthopedics; however, there are many service areas that set McLaren Greater Lansing apart for excellence:

  • A full-service diagnostic and teaching Breast Care Center;
  • A Wound Care Center with exceptional healing rates for chronic, non-healing wounds;
  • A multidisciplinary Pain Management Center;
  • A nationally recognized Sleep & Alertness Center;
  • Pediatric hospitalists – on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Patient rehabilitation centers for cardiology, pulmonary, sports medicine and physical therapy;
  • A full-service consumer and clinical library;
  • More than 30 affiliated practices and teaching clinics;
  • Community-based health education sessions, health screenings, and outreach.

"Patient-First" Service. At McLaren Greater Lansing, we do our very best to deliver both the expected and the unexpected. We’re excited you chose McLaren Greater Lansing. We expect to deliver on our promises.

340B Drug Discount Program at McLaren Greater Lansing

The 340B Drug Discount Program is a US federal government program created in 1992 that requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible health care organizations at significantly reduced prices. The intent of the program is to allow covered entities that serve more charity care patients compared to other hospitals to stretch scarce federal resources as far as possible, reaching more eligible patients and providing more comprehensive services. McLaren Greater Lansing became a 340B eligible entity in April of 2016.

One of the expectations of participation is that hospitals reinvest savings generated by the 340B program to create new or expanded services, equipment, or programs to reach more patients. Savings from the 340B has allowed McLaren to invest in new equipment and programs. One such program established at McLaren Greater Lansing is a clinic in partnership with Michigan State University. Patients who have been diagnosed with certain movement disorders can be treated with injections of Botox, a drug that deadens the nerves in the affected area. The medication is too costly for many patients, causing some providers to consider not prescribing it. Because of McLaren Greater Lansing’s 340B status, the hospital has been able to purchase the medication at a lower cost and provide it for patients who might not otherwise be able to receive the treatment.

Our Relationship with Michigan State University

McLaren Greater Lansing would like to thank Michigan State University for its long and proud partnership with us. Together, we share a rich history of collaborating to care for our community at the clinical level, training future physicians through numerous teaching programs, and partnering on medical research to advance treatments and technologies.

  • As a teaching site of Michigan State University, McLaren Greater Lansing annually trains more than 150 residents, fellows and medical students from both the College of Human Medicine and College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Many attending and resident physicians serve in MSU faculty appointments, actively instructing and mentoring Michigan State University medical students.
  • Dozens of MSU physicians are on the McLaren Greater Lansing medical staff.
  • More than 170 MSU College of Nursing students trained at McLaren Greater Lansing in 2014-2015
  • More than 2,000 procedures are performed annually by MSU surgeons at McLaren Greater Lansing and McLaren Orthopedic Hospital.
  • McLaren and MSU researchers are partnering on 36 active protocols to better understand and treat breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, heart attacks, heart failure, COPD, strokes, and more.

Thank you, MSU. We're simply greater because of you.

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