Lower your chances for a stroke starting today

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Know your stroke risk factors and start addressing them to lower your chances now.

When determining one’s risk for stroke, there are many factors that physicians will consider.

There are two kinds of stroke, both equally serious. An ischemic stroke is caused by a blood clot blocking the flow of blood in the brain. And a hemorrhagic stroke results from a break or bleed in a blood vessel in the brain.

Some risk factors are pre-determined with the patient not able to do anything about them, such as gender, race or family history.

But there are other risk factors that patients can take action on now to immediately help lower their risk of experiencing a potentially life-threatening stroke.


What’s your risk?

Visit the American Stroke Association to determine your risk for stroke.

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Lower your risk today

Make an appointment with a McLaren primary care physician to start addressing and lowering your stroke risk factors today.

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