5 signs to get your back pain checked

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Anyone can experience back pain, but when does it reach a point that you need to make a doctor’s appointment?

Everyone has experienced some kind of back pain.

It could be caused by something as serious as a car accident or a slip and fall to something as seemingly harmless as bending over the wrong way or picking up something just a little too heavy.

Most take up the same at-home treatments — ice and rest, and not overdoing it by taking it easy for a few days. Usually that does it.

But what if it doesn’t? When does the time arrive that you have to see a doctor?

“Back pain has a very serious impact on many lives, but the troubling fact is that many of those same people avoid treatment out of this misconception,” said Dr. Brett Walker, McLaren Macomb orthopedic spine surgeon, about people thinking surgery is the first and only option. “The truth is that surgery is our last option. There are several noninvasive therapies I’ll lead my patients through before we begin considering surgery.”

Dr. Walker takes a personal approach with his patients, working with them by first recommending noninvasive treatment options, such as physical therapy or injections, leaving surgery as a final option.

He encourages people suffering with seemingly endless back pain to not delay seeking help.

When to see the doctor about back pain