Additional tips to avoid excessive weight gain during the holidays

Dr. Erin Baker Dr. Erin Baker, DO, a family medicine physician with McLaren Macomb, recently offered her practical tips on how to avoid the holiday weight gain many people experience.

In addition to her tip effective suggestions of "˜everything (food and drink) in moderation' and "˜increased exercise,' Dr. Baker offers more tips below that will help you navigate the holiday party season and not gain additional weight.

Eat a small snack before going to a party "“ arriving to a party on an empty stomach will likely cause you to over-indulge and "˜eat "˜til you're full.'

Limit "heavy treats to one serving "“ the holidays without a piece of cake or slice of pie doesn't feel right, but limit it to one piece of cake or one slice of pie. Portion control is key.

Track what you eat "“ Not losing track of what you're eating and putting in your body will help in aid in keeping you from over-indulging.

Don't leave snacks laying around "“ Save desserts for dessert time. Leave the cookie tray and candy bowl off the counter to avoid the temptation to pick at them throughout the day.

Don't use "˜staying active' to over-indulge "“ Staying active with cardiovascular or weight training during the holidays is great, but it should not be used as an excuse to eat more and over-indulge when attending parties.

Don't skip meals "“ While it may be tempting to skip a meal after a high-calorie night, skipping meals can throw off your metabolism.

Following these very practical tips, you can avoid excessive weight gain while still enjoying the holiday season.