Ahmad Abdel-Halim, MD Receives Physician of the Quarter Award

Physician of the Quarter: Ahmad Abdel-Halim, MD

Congratulations to Ahmad Abdel-Halim, MD for receiving the latest Physician of the Quarter Award. The McLaren Flint board-certified internist was presented with a plaque that includes the following comments from his nomination:

“Dr. Halim provides excellent care to our Hospice patients at McLaren Flint. He provides the physician oversight so the PCP’s that refer to our hospice program can be assured their patients are receiving excellent care. Dr. Halim is very caring and a quality physician. I have sent my own family to him when they needed a new physician.


Dr. Halim goes beyond caring for his patients. He listens carefully and shows compassion to each patient. He is always available 24/7 whenever he is needed. He is the absolute epitome of a world class physician. We are blessed to have him as a part of our team."

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