App aids to track diabetes

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There's an app for that!

With a diabetes diagnosis comes the need to track everything from food intake to blood-sugar levels. It can all be very confusing, but technology is there to help diabetics along the way.

Here are some of those helpful apps:
Glucose Buddy You can record your blood glucose and view graphs showing the results. It also provides opportunities for customization for each individual.

Wave Sense Diabetes Manager You can track many different areas related to diabetes management plus look at trends, view color-coded results, and email reports. Unfortunately, no food tracker is available with this app.

Blood Sugar Tracker A simple way for you to track and view your blood sugar readings in one place. The best part is you don't need Internet/WiFi access to use it.

GluCoMo Allows you to record your blood sugar and other health information to keep you on track with managing your diabetes.

Diabetes Companion Features include blood glucose tracking, nutrition facts for common foods, recipes, and videos. Although there isn't a food tracker, it's a great app with a ton of information.

Diabetes Log An electronic version of a notepad that helps you with tracking blood sugar, insulin, and carbohydrate intake.