Beat your seasonal allergies

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For many, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, post-nasal drainage, sneezing and a runny nose might be a minor annoyance that is quickly resolved with a tissue, oral antihistamine or eye drops.

But for countless allergy sufferers with more severe reactions (including frequent asthma attacks), allergy season can wreak havoc.

"This time of year can be very frustrating for many people, those constantly dealing with complications from their allergies," said Dr. Pulin Patel, an allergist at McLaren Macomb. "Taking a proactive approach and knowing what triggers your symptoms will be incredibly beneficial to these patients."

Once the cold weather breaks and pollen blooms in all of its dreaded forms (tree, grass, weed and ragweed), allergy sufferers are potentially in for a long summer.

But knowing exactly which allergens patients are susceptible to will allow them to anticipate and thoroughly prepare for their specific allergy season, limiting its effects.

"Only by seeing an allergist can an allergy sufferer know exactly what it is that triggers their symptoms," Dr. Patel said. "Knowing this"“and preparing for it"“will lead them to being much more comfortable and enjoying the beautiful Michigan summers."

Dr. Patel can prescribe medication to limit an allergen's effect as well as provide his patients with measures to change their environment and can even offer specific immunotherapy for his patients to eliminate the need for medications in the future.

To learn more about allergy relief, call the Allergy & Asthma Physicians at McLaren Macomb, at (586) 961-6060.