Brighten up those blues

Bright sun in skyBeginning around the end of daylight savings time in fall and intensifying as winter progresses, seasonal affective disorder hits millions each year with symptoms associated with depression and decreased energy.

Loraine Cusumano, RN, BSN, MSA, regional director of cancer services for the McLaren Cardiovascular Institute, offers the following mood-increasing practices to beat the winter blues.

Keep moving-Exercise and cardiovascular activities has been proven to elevate endorphins and enhance mood to a more positive disposition.

A well balanced diet-A diet made up of complex carbs with adequate protein will help keep energy up. Also avoid energy-sappy sugars.

A 6,000 year old remedy-Aromatherapy has been practiced for thousands of years, with citrus and lavender essential oils great for relaxation and peaceful feelings.

Make up for the loss of light-Start your day off with getting plenty of light. Natural light when possible, but consider purchasing a light box to allow yourself to get enough light during the low-light months.

Get out-Mix it up with some folks, whether it be with friends or family or by volunteering with a local organization. You're likely to get more out of it than the other party.