By the numbers: Diabetes and wound care

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Diabetes is one of the leading causes of chronic, hard-to-heal wounds.

November has been designated as Diabetes Awareness Month.

And in addition to being associated with how efficiently the body converts food to energy, diabetes is also one of the leading causes behind developing hard-to-heal wounds.

34.2 million

People in the United State live with diabetes


Percentage of the population with diabetes

7.3 million

Undiagnosed diabetes cases around the United States

17 seconds

How often someone in the United States is diagnosed with diabetes

1 in 4

Diabetics who will develop a diabetic foot ulcer


Amputations every hour in the United States due to diabetes


Percentage increase in diabetes-related amputations during the COVID-19 pandemic


Feet to check every day for ulcers in those living with diabetes

Care for diabetes-related wounds in a comprehensive wound care center aids greatly to the successful healing of these wounds while also—and most impactfully—decreases the risk for amputation by half.