By the numbers: The Wayne and Joan Webber Emergency and Trauma Center

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When the first shovels were stuck in the ground in April 2018, the major construction project that would result in a new six-story tower and emergency department was officially underway.

It’s difficult for many to fathom the amount of effort that goes into building a major project from the ground up.

With the opening of the Wayne and Joan Webber Emergency and Trauma Center a reality, here’s the project at a glance

457,000 bricks

228,444 construction hours

147,840 feet of conduit

43,735 square-feet

40,000 cubic-yards of soil removed

3,112 steel beams

2,100 light fixtures

1,398 tons of steel

782 days from groundbreaking to opening

237 chairs

115 miles of wire

68 treatment spaces

7 resuscitation rooms

6 floors

6 imaging units

1 new, leading-edge emergency department