Chronic headaches: Is there more to it?

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Don’t continue with the pain. Treatment options are available.

They can begin as a dull pain but can steadily escalate to the dizzy and vice-like “squeezing” sensation, and it can cause a number of side effects that effectively end your day.

But, so what, everyone gets headaches.

By their nature, some are worse than others, true? It’s nothing that a drug store pain reliever can’t fix, right?

This is not always the case, unfortunately. People can reach a point where their headaches become unbearable and far too frequent. Those people should be evaluated by their doctor, who may even feel the need to refer them to a specialist.

Make an appointment with a doctor if:

  • For five or more days each month you’re taking medication for a headache.
  • Headaches prevent you from continuing tasks, and you may have to stop, lay down and rest.
  • If headaches come with additional symptoms:

-Light and noise sensitivity
-Numbness/Tingling sensation
-Head pain increases when straining
-Changes in eyesight

At this appointment, come prepared with some information that will help the doctor determine if a referral to a neurologist is needed.
  • Family history, especially migraine history
  • A calendar of your past headaches (time of day they started and how long they lasted)
  • Symptoms associated with the headaches
  • Medications taken for headache, how often and how much