Considering a joint replacement? 7 questions to ask yourself.

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Pain and quality of life are the main drivers to considering a joint replacement procedure.

Of the millions who have undergone a joint replacement surgery—for their knee, hip, shoulder or other vital joint—there was a point each of them reached when they decided to take that first step and inquire about surgery.

But what is that point?

Of course, every person is different. Each with different motivations and goals, but what was the driving force behind their individual decision?

Questions to ask yourself

  • Have you had difficulty sleeping, or has your sleep been disruption by pain?
  • Has a once-routine task become more difficult to perform due to pain?
  • Have you previously tried a non-surgical procedure, but the pain persists?
  • Have you been diagnosed with advanced arthritis or significant joint damage?
  • Has a doctor told you that another non-surgical procedure was unlikely to help?
  • Is your pain not relieved with rest?
  • Is your pain wearing you down physically and emotionally?

If these scenarios are all too familiar to you (or even a loved one), consider the benefits of joint replacement surgery.

Recovery from a procedure is not what it once was. Using minimally invasive techniques—often assisted by robotic technology—recovery is less intense with a quick return to activity.