Cut your sugars by half

The summer sun and the fun activities it allows for can lead to a little-known consequence: increased sugar consumption.

Excessive consumption of processed sugar, in addition to its contribution to weight gain, can suppress the immune system and affect one’s mood and behavior.

However, there are still ways to enjoy the fun summer has to offer while cutting sugar intake.

Here are a couple of easy ways:
cucumber lime water

Increase your water intake

The Dietary Reference Intake for fluid intake is 91 ounces daily for women (11 cups) and 125 ounces daily for men (15 cups). But watch out for those sneaky sugars. Sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda, tea, coffee or lemonade can contribute to unnecessary calories.

Sugar-free sweetened beverages are an option and generally considered safe by the FDA and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics if not over-consumed. However, plain water, unsweetened tea, and coffee are always optimal choices.

Not partial to plain water? Try spa water. Spa water incorporates fruit and/or herbs to pump up the flavor of your original water.

Beware of condiments/sauces

Although grilling season may typically call for barbecue sauce and ketchup on your chicken, burgers or dogs, you may want to consider making your own condiments or swapping them out altogether.

The general guidelines for added sugar are six teaspoons per day for women (24g/100 calories) and nine teaspoons per day for men (36g/150 calories).

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