Don't let hip and knee pain limit your life

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With warmer weather comes more outdoor activity. And potentially, the realization that pain in your hips and knees might keep you from enjoying the activities you love. Whether it’s pain, stiffness, swelling or limited range of motion because of arthritis, many people abandon or limit the activities they love. And that will just make matters worse over time.

“The more inactive you are, your muscles can start to weaken and deteriorate, causing more damage to the joint, ultimately causing more pain,” says Dr. Leonard Karadimas, an orthopedic surgeon at McLaren Port Huron. “When your hip or knee pain begins to dictate your daily activities or limits your ability to enjoy activities, it’s time to do something about it.”

With new advances in orthopedic treatments, the recovery process has greatly improved – people are back in action faster than ever before, with a permanent fix to the problem.

“Many of these procedures are done as an outpatient, with no need to spend the night in a hospital,” says Dr. Karadimas. “And with minimally invasive approaches to orthopedic surgery, there’s less damage to soft tissues and less blood loss, meaning you’re back on your feet and returning to regular activity relatively quickly.”

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