Don't wait, catch it early: Low-dose CT scan screenings for early lung cancer detection


Take steps to control your health - talk to your physician to determine if you qualify for early-stage lung cancer screening through McLaren Oakland.

Utilizing a low-dose CT scan, physicians can determine if patients have an early stage of lung cancer - when it is most treatable - before they begin experiencing symptoms. With low-dose scans, patients are exposed to less radiation than traditional CT scans.

CT scans can identify small nodules and other abnormalities in the lungs and is the only proven-effective way to screen for lung cancer.

Eligible patients for a screening meet one of the following guidelines:
- Current smoker with at least a 30-pack per year history of smoking.
- Former smokers who have quit within the past 15 years and have a history of smoking at least 30 packs per year.
- Between the ages of 55 to 77.

Patients may have not yet begun to show symptoms.

"Adding an early-stage lung cancer screening furthers our goal of providing the best possible health care to Oakland County," said Chad Grant, president and CEO of McLaren Oakland. "The quicker we can get those with a positive test into a treatment plan with one of our Karmanos physicians, the greater the chance we have of achieving positive outcomes."

Finding lung cancers at an early stage most likely can be removed by surgery. If a later-stage cancer is detected, treatment can begin immediately, improving the chances of a successful outcome. If questionable areas are found, they can be closely monitored by a physician.

Covered by Medicare and most insurance plans, the decision to undergo a lung cancer screening should be discussed and determined by a health care provider. Yearly screenings are recommended for those within the risk factor guidelines.

Low-dose CT scan lung cancer screenings are offered through McLaren Oakland imaging centers located at:

McLaren Oakland
50 North Perry Street in Pontiac
(248) 338-5608

McLaren Diagnostic Imaging
5701 Bow Pointe Drive in Clarkston
(248) 620-5012

McLaren Oakland Oxford campus
385 North Lapeer Road in Oxford
(248) 628-3000

To learn more or inquire about low-dose CT scan lung cancer screenings, visit