Eliminate the pain from your swing

Two men golfing

This summer, golf will send more than 55,000 people around the country to emergency rooms with a wide range of injuries they sustained on the course.

Lower back injuries accounting for the majority of complaints, injuries can range from knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists and others as a result of improper swing mechanics. Now is your chance to get ahead of these injuries by learning proper swing mechanics at a free seminar offered by McLaren Macomb.

"The majority of the population is not consistent with an exercise program so some of the key muscles you use while golfing become tight or weak which can set you up for an injury when you start playing again in the spring," said Mike Mulcahy, MPT, director of rehab services and the Athletic Medicine Institute at McLaren Macomb. "All golf swings are different. Some preventative care will go a long way to surviving the season with minimal wear and tear."

A biomechanical analysis and fitness evaluation will identify issues early and provide the golfer with exercises to correct them.

Join licensed physical therapists for a free seminar as they demonstrate biomechanical analysis technology on Tuesday, June 14 at the McLaren Macomb Rehabilitation & Therapy Services "“ Northpointe (Gratiot and 16 Mile Road in Clinton Township). Call for free registration at (586) 783-9581.