Expecting moms: When it comes to pregnancy, experience counts

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The availability of classes and books can help a mother- and father-to-be get ready for their new arrival, but there is still a lot to be gained from the experiences of those who have gone through a pregnancy (and are going through one again!).

Meet Nikki (26 weeks with child #3 under the care of Dr. Linda Karadsheh)

Nikki and her family

"I starting taking prenatal vitamins as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I was not seeing my doctor other than for yearly checks and post-pregnancy for my second, child who is 15 months."

"I am not really experiencing too many symptoms right now. I'm 26 weeks and feeling pretty decent. Some constipation and acid reflux. Nothing tums can't help. The doctor just called in some Colace for the constipation."

"There is so much going on to plan for baby number three! We are finishing our basement so we can move all the toys downstairs. We luckily have a fourth bedroom. That will become our room and my son, John (4 in March), will get our old bedroom. The nursery will go in big brother's old room. Luckily I have a crib already and will just have to purchase a new rocker/glider for the nursery. And my husband will have to repaint."

"I chose McLaren Macomb because my sister delivered both of her babies there and my PCP is a McLaren doctor. I've had nothing but great experiences at this hospital. I was hospitalized about 4 weeks after baby #2 with an infection in my uterus and they were great with providing me with a breast pump so I could continue to breast feed and not have a decrease in supply! I was very thankful for that!"

Meet Kathaleen (24 weeks with child #2 under the care of Dr. Linda Karadsheh)

"With both pregnancies I was hungry all the time-ravenously hungry! I also had to go to the bathroom constantly (for the whole pregnancy the first time and so far the same with this one) and was completely exhausted in the beginning with both pregnancies. With this pregnancy though I had a lot less cramping in the beginning. My gums bleed and sometimes my nose bleeds, I'm extremely cold all the time and my bump was noticeable a lot sooner. I wasn't surprised too much that they were different because so many people have told me how each one is different in their own way."

"My son is only 2, so he doesn't fully get it quite yet that there will be a baby living in the house soon, but he does say "hi" to my bump and lay his head on it to hug the baby, so he does understand something about it!"

"My husband helps around the house by cleaning the kitchen, he'll take care of dinner (things he does anyway), he supports going for prenatal massages and making sure I can get to the gym when I'm up for going. When I start to feel like I'm not doing enough around the house, etc., he always reminds me that I'm having a baby and not to worry about it."

"As of now, my plan is for a VBAC since my son was a C-section. My doctor is completely on board with it."

To learn more about the Family Birthing Center at McLaren Macomb, visit mclaren.org/deliveringdaily.