Follow the Rainbow for Healthy School Lunches

Healthy Lunch Options for Back to School 


School is back in session, signaling a return to the cafeteria line or packing of a sack lunch. With designated lunch periods, nutrition and dietitian experts at McLaren Northern Michigan note it's important to ensure students get everything they need at lunch to last them the rest of the school day (and through any after-school activities).

Nutrition experts state a lunch should contain at least one fruit and vegetable. An easy way to achieve a healthy lunch is to focus on the "rainbow" for fruits and vegetables. A colorful lunch will be fun for students and help ensure they get good sources of nutrition. When focusing on the "rainbow colors" of fruits and vegetables, think of dark greens (cut-up bell peppers, sandwiches with leafy greens), purples (blueberries), reds (apples and bell peppers) and oranges (orange slices). Letting kids help pick out their own fruits and vegetables is a great way to get them involved and excited about what they're eating.