Forecast: Flu season 2021-2022

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How can you best protect yourself this flu season?

Flu season 2020-2021 was far from a “traditional” flu season.

Experts credit last year’s unseasonably low flu activity to the on-going pandemic and the mitigation strategies aimed at slowing the spread amidst COVID-19 surges — mask wearing, social distancing and limiting gatherings.

With the passage of a year, hundreds of millions of people protected by a COVID-19 vaccine and the relaxation of many pandemic protocols, experts are not expecting a repeat of last flu season’s tameness.


Experts predict that more people will be susceptible and vulnerable to the flu this year.

Just how severe the season will be, though, is hard to tell.

Still early in the season, not enough information is available to make a confident determination as to just how active the flu will be this year. Public health experts are usually able to gauge a season’s flu activity by looking at South America (which has its flu season during the summer), but the continent is experiencing a COVID-19 surge and exercising mitigation strategies.

Still, doctors and public health experts strongly urge everyone to take precautions against the flu in order to avoid a potentially devastating dual infection of influenza and COVID-19.



Medical professionals highly recommend a flu shot, as well as COVID-19 vaccine (and, if eligible, a booster) as the best ways to safely build immunity and protection against the illnesses. Everyone six months and older are encouraged to get a flu shot by the end of October.

Maintain proper hygiene

Avoiding touching your face and very regularly washing your hands were staples in the COVID-19 mitigation strategies to slow the spread, and they extent to influenza.

Stay home when sick

Avoid those who may appear ill, and if you should feel sick, avoid contact with others and stay.