Get your health on track: Health checklist for the new year

Use this checklist to get your family on track for the new year:

Start a health journal.
Record appointments you've had, specialists you've seen, important contact information and track changes to your health over time. This will help you see if you are moving in the right direction when it comes to key measurements like blood pressure, BMI and cholesterol.

Review your medications.
Talk with your doctor and make sure any medications or supplements you are taking are still necessaryand the dosage is correct.

Get screened.
Ask your physician what screenings are recommended for your age, and visit for a list of upcoming health screenings. 

Schedule your yearly physical.
If you tend to forget when to make your appointment, make it close to your birthday or other significant yearly event to make it easier to remember. Don't have a primary care provider? Call the physician referral line at 
(855) 331-0300.

If you smoke, quit.
It's never too late to quit smoking and still see significant health benefits. Speak to your primary care provider about beginning your journey today.