Heading out? Consider this COVID-19 checklist

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Before heading out, ask yourself a few questions to minimize your COVID-19 risk

As the state has eased a number of restrictions that were put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus, it’s important to know that there still remains a risk of spreading COVID-19.

And while doctors and researchers are working hard to create viable treatments and a vaccine, there is no way to ensure that people venturing out into public will do so with zero risk.

However, there are best practices aimed at minimizing one’s risk of contracting the virus (such as social distancing and wearing a face covering), and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has offered points to consider when venturing out during the pandemic.

First, though, before considering these CDC points, note that, as a general rule, the risk for contracting the virus is increased based on how closely people interact with each other and how long an interaction lasts.

How many people will you interact with?

  • Are these “new people” you don’t live with or normally interact with?
  • Will these people be practicing social distancing and wearing masks?

Will you be indoors or outdoors?

  • Will there be enough room to provide for everyone to stay 6 feet apart?
  • Indoor is more risky than outdoor based on ventilation.

How long will you be interacting with these people?

  • Should you be infected and not know it, the longer the interaction increases the risk of you shedding the virus onto others in addition to contracting it.
  • No matter where you go, be sure to bring a face covering, tissues and hand sanitizer.

Stay home and don't leave the your home if you:

  • Have COVID-19
  • Have symptoms consistent with COVID-19
  • Have had close contact with someone with COVID-19