Heart Disease - Are you at-risk?

doctor's stethescope Celebrate American Heart Month by putting your heart health first.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans die from various forms of heart disease while millions of others live with it every day.

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United State, ahead of cancer.
  • 610,000 Americans die every year from heart disease-representing one in every 4 adults.
  • 735,000 heart attacks are reported in the United States each year.

The major risk factors include high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking-47 percent of Americans have at least one risk factor.

Other risk factors include diabetes, poor diet, overweight/obesity, physical inactivity and excessive alcohol use.

Many Americans may be unaware that they are living with an increased risk for heart disease.

Early and preventative actions can be taken to decrease the risk of heart disease.

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