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McLaren Macomb has begun to safely re-open

The past several weeks have drastically changed the lives of virtually every person in the world.

It was during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic that many patients have not had full access to the services provided by McLaren Macomb. While those closures were measures taken to ensure the safety of our community, those restrictions have begun to ease and we are very pleased to again offer many of these services.

In an effort to safely provide these services and to ease any anxieties patients might have in entering the hospital, McLaren Macomb will maintain precautions designed to keep everyone safe.

These precautions include:

We are screening everyone who enters our facilities

All patients, visitors, staff and physicians will be screened for symptoms of coronavirus prior to entering our facilities. Anyone experiencing symptoms will be prohibited from entering and will be directed to the appropriate level of care.

We are discouraging unnecessary visitors

We understand that some patients require a family member to be present during an appointment or provide transportation. For these patients, we’re encouraging the visitors to wait in a lobby area if possible, or in their vehicle. For patients who do not need the support of a family member, we are encouraging those family members to remain at home.

We are expanding our telehealth services

In certain areas of our organization telehealth (video conference) provider visits are available. Many of our primary care physicians offer this service, which enable patients to seek appropriate treatment without coming to a physician office.

We are supporting social distancing

We are working to limit seating in certain waiting areas to create additional space between seats. In addition, our emergency department offers the ability to check-in online and wait at home for patients seeking care for non-life-threatening conditions.

We are staggering patient appointments in outpatient areas

Whenever possible, our team is scheduling appointment with time in between, to reduce the number of patients in the area at the same time.

We are testing all patients before surgical procedures

McLaren has instituted proactive testing of patients prior to their procedure to identify patients who are COVID-19 positive but not displaying symptoms.

We will continue personal protective equipment usage

Our providers and staff are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep patients and themselves safe when providing care. We are also providing protective masks to patients or encouraging them to wear their own as an enhanced safety precaution.

We are separating inpatients with symptoms

We have dedicated units where we are caring for COVID-19 positive and suspected positive patients. COVID-19 patients are only cared for on those units, maintaining a safe separation from patients in need of other care. We are immediately isolating patients experiencing COVID-19 symptoms when they arrive for care.

We have additional sanitizing processes in place

We have established cleaning processes throughout our facilities to enhance our already robust sanitization protocols.

We have online ER check-in to minimize waiting room time

We established online check-in for emergency patients, which allows them to wait at home and reduce time spent in the ER waiting room near other patients.


Safe care at McLaren Macomb

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