“He’s just amazing”: Patient praises her physical therapist

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Patient is thankful for her physical therapist’s ability to work with her.

Susan calls herself “an unusual case.”

Her chronic back pain goes back 30 years, ultimately resulting in lumbar and neck fusions and seemingly countless appointments with physical therapists. On top of that, recent rotator cuff and bicep tears would send her back to a therapist.

This time, though, she’d work with the rehab specialists at McLaren Clarkston, mainly working with therapist Stephen Ming:

Since they’re all connected, he’d work on my shoulder and my neck would go out. The next time my lower back would go out, making it difficult to actually treat my shoulder.

Every day that I went in there, he had no idea what he was going to get, and he was so understanding.

That’s what made Steve so easy to work with. He didn’t stop working on me, he found alternate ways to treat me as a whole.

Steve is so knowledgeable, and he’s so intuitive. He knew when enough was enough. He wouldn’t push me to do something my body wasn’t capable of doing. What I really like about Steve is his ability to be the right mix of kind and understanding and not let me feel sorry for myself.

I’ve had a number of PTs over the years, and none have been as intuitive as him. He’s just amazing.

One day he wasn’t there, and I had to see Sarah. She was so smart and wonderful. She even called later in the day to see how I was doing. Who does that?

It’s all been wonderful.