Joint replacement: 7 questions to ask yourself

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Ask yourself these questions to determine if you should consider a joint replacement procedure.

Throbbing, stabbing or constantly aching, the pain in a joint can significantly limit physical activity and exact an emotional toll as well.

But for many, living with the pain and limitation is preferred than what they think a joint replacement procedure and recovery will entail.

While the prospect of a prolonged recovery and rehabilitation might once have been the case, today’s joint replacement procedures are designed to get patients up and moving sooner, with less post-operative pain and a quicker return to activity.

Joint replacement surgery is not what it once was.

Should you consider joint replacement?

  • Have you had difficulty sleeping, or has your sleep been disruption by pain?

  • Has a once-routine task become more difficult to perform due to pain?

  • Have you previously tried a non-surgical procedure, but the pain persists?

  • Have you been diagnosed with advanced arthritis or significant joint damage?

  • Has a doctor told you that another non-surgical procedure was unlikely to help?

  • Is your pain not relieved with rest?

  • Is your pain wearing you down physically and emotionally?