Karmanos Genetic Counseling Service Available to Flint and Genesee County Patients


Approximately 5-10 percent of all cancer cases are caused by inherited mutations in specific genes. Knowledge of hereditary cancers continues to increase, and additional hereditary cancer genes continue to be discovered. Knowing that genetic testing is a tool that helps jump-start cancer prevention, more health insurance companies are covering genetic testing, which is a huge benefit for patients.

The Karmanos Cancer Genetic Counseling Service offers genetic counseling and testing to patients in Flint and Genesee County through McLaren Now Telehealth appointments. Referring your patients to Karmanos gives them the necessary tools to manage their cancer risk and gives them access to the cancer care services at the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint should cancer develop.

When to Refer a Patient

The following aspects of a person’s personal and/or family history may warrant a referral for genetic counseling:

  • Two or more relatives with the same cancer
  • One or more relatives who have cancer presenting at an unusually young age (before age 50)
  • One or more relatives with bilateral disease
  • A family history that includes related cancers (e.g., breast/ovarian, pancreatic/melanoma, colon/ endometrial)
  • A family history of a known hereditary cancer syndrome (e.g., Li-Fraumeni, familial adenomatous polyposis, Lynch syndrome, multiple endocrine neoplasia, retinoblastoma, etc.);
  • A family history of a known hereditary cancer gene mutation (e.g., BRCA1, BRCA2, MLH1, MSH2, RET, APC, TP53, etc.)
  • A personal or family history of male breast cancer, metastatic or high-grade prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, medullary thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer, or adrenocortical tumor

Contact Carrie Haneckow, BSN, RN, oncology nurse navigator at Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint:

Phone: (810) 342-4848
Fax: (810) 342-3855
Email: KCNFlint@mclaren.org

Patients Receive Genetic Counseling Before and After Their Tests

Once you refer your patient to the Karmanos Cancer Genetic Counseling Service, a counselor will contact your patient directly to discuss your patient’s family health history as well as their health history. This helps in determining if genetic testing is needed. The counselor will also discuss testing options and insurance coverage with the patient. A test kit will be mailed to your patient with instructions on how to take the test as well as how to return the test kit by mail. The counselor will contact your patient directly to discuss the results; provide screening, prevention, and management recommendations based on the results; and review implications for family members.

Referring providers and additional providers indicated by the patient will receive a full written report from the genetic counseling office summarizing the patient’s genetic evaluation and genetic testing results, along with a copy of the patient’s test report and their family tree.

The Karmanos Cancer Genetic Counseling Service also provides comprehensive post-test genetic counseling for individuals who have already completed hereditary cancer genetic testing through another provider. It offers annual genetic follow-up appointments for mutation-positive individuals for the continued coordination of their care. As medical management strategies unfold, early identification of individuals who are at hereditary risk will continue to be vital for you and your patients in clinical decision-making, and the genetic counselors at Karmanos want to help support you and your patients in this process.

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