Lower your stroke risk

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80 percent of strokes are preventable.

There are more than 795,000 strokes every year in the United States, and 1 out of every 4 is preventable.

And with a stroke responsible for 150,005 annual deaths in the country, that means up to 120,004 deaths every year have the potential to be avoided.

How, though, can it be avoided? By knowing and addressing stroke risk factors.

Know your risk factors

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • History of heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Smoking and excessive alcohol use
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Address your risk factors

Don’t smoke

The toll taken from smoking reaches far, and the increased risk for stroke is just one of them.

Limit alcohol

Excess alcohol consumption increases blood pressure. Limit drinks to one to two per day at most.

Monitor statistics

Blood pressure and cholesterol can increase one’s risk for multiple chronic diseases, in addition to stroke risk.

Control chronic illnesses

Don’t ignore potential signs or symptoms of chronic disease, such as heart disease and diabetes, that will only continue to worsen if left unchecked.


Regular moderate exercise increases the health of blood vessels while also benefiting blood pressure and weight management.

Take medications

Follow a doctor’s recommendations as he or she monitors heart disease and diabetes.