McLaren Macomb emergency department hosts future med students

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high school students with doctor
High school students Kerolos and Zoie with Dr. Richard Reidy

A pair of exceptional local high school student-interns capitalized on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience how an emergency department operates and solidified their aspirations to take up medicine as a profession.

Zoie and Kerolos, who have an interest in medicine as a career and are finishing their junior years at the Utica Center for Math, Science and Technology, spent three weeks in the McLaren Macomb emergency department and trauma center shadowing physicians and seeing firsthand how treatments are administered.

"I can't say enough about the quality of students we get from this program, with Zoie and Kerolos absolutely included," said Dr. Richard Reidy, an emergency medicine physician at McLaren Macomb. "These students are eager to learn and ask some great, intelligent questions. This speaks volumes about their teachers and parents in getting them motivated and involved."

Zoie says she first took an interest in medicine after a sophomore biology class sparked an interest in the inner-workings of the human body. After graduation, she plans to apply to the University of Michigan with the hopes of continuing her education at the university's medical school.

Kerolos has always had an enthusiasm for medicine, and while his initial interest is in surgery, his experience in this internship has him now also considering emergency medicine. His plans are to apply to Wayne State University and continue on to their medical school.

Both appreciated the fast-paced atmosphere and spectrum of ailments seen and treated in the emergency department. But they are truly grateful to the nursing and medical staff for providing them with the experience and answering any questions they had.

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