Medical tips before your next trip


Before your next trip, either domestic or international, first consider your health before getting on a plane or hitting the road and take the necessary steps to ensure you will be thoroughly prepared to enjoy your trip in good health.

Follow these guidelines:

"¢ Research health conditions in the location to which you're traveling (i.e., mosquito-borne illnesses, areas with high risk of malaria) and prepare accordingly
"¢ Update your vaccinations six weeks prior to leaving. Some vaccinations take six weeks to reach the highest level of protection
"¢ Visit your doctor for a check-up to become aware of any issues and have the proper medication
"¢ Inquire with your insurance company should you have to see a doctor while away
"¢ Fill prescriptions before leaving so you don't run out should you find yourself staying away longer than originally planned (For liquid medications, TSA's 3-oz. limit on liquids does not apply)

Lastly, should you not feel well, do not be afraid to postpone or cancel a trip. Also avoid flying with an ear, nose and throat infection. Should it be absolutely unavoidable, visit an ENT specialist to get their opinion.

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