Meet Annette - Employee of the Month

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Annette is employee of the month

At McLaren Macomb we believe in recognizing outstanding employees who consistently exceed expectations to ensure the highest degree of patient satisfaction. The Employee of the Month award is presented to an employee whose exemplary performance, professionalism and leadership contributes to McLaren Macomb's mission and core values.

Meet Annette
Registered Nurse Case Manager

Proud of her Polish-Italian heritage, Annette and her five siblings grew up in East Detroit. Currently living in Macomb County, Annette is married and has three children and three grandchildren, all of whom live in Michigan.

Annette completed her Master's degree in Nursing in 2005. She finds it hard to believe she just celebrated her 35-year anniversary at McLaren Macomb.

As a licensed respiratory therapist and registered nurse, Annette has always served in an acute care setting. An RN case manager since 2002, Annette acts as a liaison between physicians and the clinical care team to coordinate patient care that focuses on delivering patient-centered, quality health care.

Motivated by the support she receives from patient care teams, Annette is dedicated to assisting patients and their families when they are most vulnerable. She has always believed "anyone serving the medical field learns to go with the flow and rely on their co-workers and teammates for support and camaraderie." Though Annette appreciates the autonomy of her job, she knows that it takes teamwork to provide the best care for patients.

Annette's number one priority is patient satisfaction, saying, "My goal is to listen to the patient, assess their situation, perspective, emotions and to assure them that they are in the right care setting."

Her advice for new healthcare professionals: "Trust your instincts, focus on your abilities and always keep a high standard for work ethic. It is equally important to maintain a healthy work-life balance."

Coming from a family of musicians, Annette enjoys being a big fan of her many talented relatives and hopes to see the family legacy continue for future generations.